Friday, February 25, 2011

Hair, locks, tress, rambut!

Today, I'm gonna talk about bridal hairdos.. If you are wearing a tudung, Alhamdullillah but i did not say you can take it even lightly.. the right choice of tudung accentuates your beauty and complement the shape of your face..

I am planning to do updo my hair on my wedding day.. the choice of bun? perhaps a lose bun. Lose bun looks modern elegant. High bun looks more classy elegant.

i heart this! but it doesn't look easy to do..

Even though lose bun looks very effortlessly done, but the twist and curl is an art.. you don't want to look messy macam pengantin bangun tido tak mandi.. kan?

High bun like this looks neater. Especially with a small piece of headband tiara like this.

Ouh i heart headband tiaras. They look more elegant and simple. I am a simple person and i love it better when people say i look elegant than gorgeous.

Big crowns are definite no-no! To me big crowns are so yesterday..

unless if you are permaisuri to agong, or a queen of honduras!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Plasma TV or horneymoon?

One fine night.. dimalam Jumaat yang gersang, two adults are having a phone conversation..

Mr Fiance : Sayang.. what do you think? Do you want a big plasma TV first or honeymoon first?

Me : Heheheh.. i love that question dear.. Erm, i think I would want a big TV first..


Money is very limited so we need to choose one thing over another. As for us, the priority now is daily entertainment. Plus, we need our "lil" privacy since i'll be staying with my parents after getting married until we are financially stabil to get our own crib. TV in our room will be our lil hideout.. a big flat LED tv with a good sound system.. a KING size bed..

...ok this post shall stop here.


tuuuut.. *bunyi tv habis siaran*

Food Testing and Caterers! - Part 1

Went to pameran pengantin with mom weeks back at SACC Mall. This is the second time I went. The first time was with Mr Fiance' but rasa macam tak relevant je bawak dia.. well, bila tanya.. yang ni cantik tak? answers sumer mcm default. Ok, I need brutal truth opinions.. So i brougt mom this time.. besides her energy level, mom was quite helpful with her ideas.. cuma dia tak larat nak tawaf sampai habis..

I did not set much expectations for other vendors but I have targeted myself to search for a caterer this time. Hence, there's food testing. The first lesson learnt since the first expo that i went was i did not bring any folders to keep all the brochures.. so kertas2, pamphlet berselerak.. and by the time i got home sume dah jadi belacan busuk. So, this time i brought a bag to keep all the brochures, pamphlet nicely for future reference.

But.. i made another mistake.. we had our tummy filled before the expo knowing that we are gonna use a lot of energy walking.. it wasn't the best idea because.. macamana nak appreciate food testing kalau perut kenyang?? after 4 caterers we were already burping and refuse to try anymore..

Talking about caterers, they offer a lot of different packages.. but actually pusing sana pusing sini, kira balik.. the price are about the same thing. There is also cheap ones.. even RM6++ per head. I know i'm a cheapskate, tapi kena kira overall costs jugak. And I do enjoy good food and very fussy about food. Mom always claims, her lidah is a good benchmarker. Kalau "mama rasa sedap means memang sedapla makanan tu". Mr fiance' basically have no taste (except for when it comes to searching a life partner! you've got good taste dah-ling! hahaha.. ok tak kelakar.) i mean.. apa yang dia makan sumernye sedap even though oatmeal letak air sejuk. Am not joking. He's done that so many times ok! So, his jurisdiction does not count. Back to caterer..

So, cheap does not mean tak sedap.. but that does not include canopy service. If you are looking for a complete one with canopy, waiters and decos.. price around RM15++ for 1000pax. But the problem is.. we are planning to keep the invitation up to 800pax max only. And the price for one pax will definitely go up to RM20++. The one I like offered RM25/pax for 600++ pax. The package involves canopy, waitress, underayers, red carpets, fresh flower arch, fresh flower pelamin, cake, meja beradab for 12pax, 4 VIP domes and a standard nasi minyak menu. he vendor is Manisa Catering. Ngam ngam our budget. Expensive? or reasonable.. ?

Nurul Izzah offers good package too. I've tried the food at neighbor's wedding before.. not bad. the rendang itam was good. And the canopy was sooo clean..And they throw a Bali Honeymoon package in their package.. good strategy.. i nearly enticed by it. but kinda love manisa catering better because we had this caterer before and everyone simply love the food! sedap!

Kalau boleh nak carik yg lagi murah with this facility all included.. or try to push manisa for discounts.. hmm.. whata cheapskate!

Khursus Kawin??

Now we've got the date decided, its easier to plan on other things, place bookings and deposit. What about kursus kawin??

I know there's a lot of places for khursus kawin.. tapi kenapa tak booking booking lagi???

This place looks hip! but the schedule is pretty limited. This i'll leave to Mr Fiance' to settle lah. Let the man do the legal stuffs and i'll concentrate on those remeh temeh stuffs yang memeningkan kepala.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Makeup Artist - Part 4

How do you guys want your nikah makeup look ? I want for something clean.. and i'm still not a fan of light pastel eye shadows.. pink.. light blue.. nope.

pic from peveyhack

i love how elyana was done during her nikah.. this makeup by kak saidatulnisa. Who doesn't like kak sai's touch? Cantikkan? Nampak biasa2 je eyeshadow dia.. very the mat salleh style.. tapi still nampak berseri.. or maybe sbb elyana ni dah ada seri artist kah?? but kak sai's rate is something around 900++ if i'm not wrong..

So.. who i hired for nikah?

Hazlie Hamzah!

I saw how clean he did for my friend. According to her, Hazlie sapu foundation lama.. that shows how detail he is to ensure the base and foundation tahan lama. Makeup tak crack even sampai habis majlis.. and her skin is oily macam my skin jugak.. so good benchmark la kan.. And hazlie's rate pun ok.. within my budget lagi.. And he does nice hair jugak.. I don't mind sangat because i will be covering my hair macam style rebecca nur islam during nikah, insyaallah..

pics from jangguttouch

Oh btw, hazlie does hand bouquets too.. he charges me only RM100 of fresh flower hand bouquet of my choice.. tu spesel rate because i hire him.. else the price will be RM150.

Kalau MUA untuk nikah sudah ketemu.. siapa agaknya gerangan MUA untuk Majlis Sanding ye?

jeng jeng jeng.........

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Makeup Artist - Part 3

I was a lil bit depressed last week. I did not bother to search for MUA. Blog hopping kejapla..For the sake of trying to engage the groove back.. nak google pun kena ada feel..

Tiba-tiba terclick kat Munie Ahmad and stayed there for quite a bit.. Actually I've known Munie from a friend's wedding. She did my friend effortlessly but the result was very impressive. At first, I was a bit skeptic with female MUA especially new faces like her.. But she proved me all wrong. Female MUA can do as good as bapuk..

I asked Munie if she's free in September. I thought of hiring her for my nikah. Unfortunately she's not. My motivation was pulled down once again. But Alhamdulillah she is available in November, so she can cover my majlis tandang.. Yang penting, her rate is very very affordable and that includes hairdo. Slightly cheaper than Emma Pesona. But Emma charges cheaper travelling expenses to Ipoh, Munie charges quite expensive expenses. I argued at first on fuel and toll to ipoh but she made a point about car's wear and tear.. so, takpela.. pusing pusing sama je total ngan Emma Pesona. And yes, Mr Fiance's kenduri is gonna be in Ipoh.

Ok, now i've got a MUA for my majlis tandang. one problem solved. Who is going to paint me on my big days??

Friday, February 11, 2011

Who wants to be my photographer - part 1

Celik celik mata, i told myself that today have to settle for a photographer. As promised in the previous blog, today i will also share what i look for in photographer and some tips in searching one.

As much as i wanted to hire Qippie or Kidchan level of profesionalism.. i have to remember the size of my wallet and stick to my budget constrain. Hiring a good photographer these days come with a price tag. So i asked myself.. what do i look in a photographer?

I am not a supermodel, who looks good at all angles even the lubang hidung pun lawa, and i know i'm not photogenic.. the worse thing is i'm suck at posing in front of a camera. especially infront of strangers. oh yes, during myspace time akulah ratu camwhore. Tapi bila bertunang hari tu kenapa aku keras??? so this thing can not happen on my wedding day. I need to find a photographer who has portrait skills + candid moment skill. I don't want a snapshooter who just simply press the shutter and trigger happy. Mata berkelip pun nak ambik and masuk album. I need a photographer who waits for the right moment and get the best angle to complement the brides. I need someone who does not forget to capture the tiny lil embellishments on my wedding lace and someone who manage to capture how beautiful my veil and tail fall in every movement i make.. Sounds like a photographer from heaven?? This is inspiring. I want a photographer who manage to capture like her. Ngada tak?? Well atleast its not wrong to dream kan?

The searching continues tomorrow.. macam fail je nak jumpa the right photographer today.. Sume mahal walaupun gambar macam hampeh. oh by the way, i'm too sleepy to list down the tips in searching a photographer.. ngantuk dah ni.. huarghhh! nanti esok sambung. oh by the way, besides a cheapskate, i'm also a procrastinator!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Some surprise is good surprise, some isn't!

My jaw almost dropped today when Mr Fiance says this..

Mr Fiance : Dear I have something to tell you. My parents decided to change the Majlis Tandang date. They want to shift it to a week earlier..

me: what???


macamana ni? MUA dah bayar deposit!!

So, i quickly called Kak Emma and ask if she's free on the new date. Tiba2 dunia jadi gelap seketika.. (petir kilat sabung menyabung) macam kena panah petir rasanya..

She's not free as bulan November tu dah penuh. Nampak gaya memang takde jodoh with Emma Pesona.

But kak emma is too kind to return back my deposit in full sebab according to her its still early and can still get another client.. Alhamdulillah..

So now, i'm back to square one.. kena google carik MUA for 3 events!!

saya rasa nak makan eskrem mahal skarang. period.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Makeup Artist - Part 2

"Hari ni kena booking makeup artist untuk nikah".. terngiang2 sampai masuk dalam mimpi. We have the nikah date in mind, so I quickly ask kak emma if she's free to cover my nikah in september.

Oh no! she's expected to deliver her baby in september. Takkan nak suruh dia hold baby plakkan? so no choice kena carik MUA lain.. takpe kak emma yang pasti you cover my kenduri tandang already :)

Esokla carik MUA.. takde mood.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

We've got the date!

Alhamdulillah.. after so much dramas.. i decided to just follow my heart and proceed with the date i have in mind. Mr Fiance and I wanted to have our wedding earlier. (bukan dah gatal sangat nak kawin..) but we always think that the sooner we get married the sooner we can start building a family. Plus, boleh elakkan maksiat. But when we were engaged last November, Mr Fiance's family has stated firmly that the only time they can accomodate is during long school holidays, November or December 2011. Tak bestnya kena tunang lama-lama! So, kenduri tandang was decided to be held in December, our nikah was tentatively set to be a week earlier macam orang selalu buat. I'm not happy with it, Mr Fiance's not happy with it and my mom thinks a year of engagement is too long.

I couldn't sleep for days, neither Mr Fiance.. one discussion after another.. bila dating je default topic mesti cakap pasal kawin.. To satisfy everyone.. why not shift nikah date earlier? Who says you can not kacau tok kadi on hari raya? Well, i'm not that cruel.. not the first day of raya.. but we decided to nikah during Hari Malaysia and it falls on Friday.. insyaAllah berkat Jumaat, its 2 weeks of raya. So, there's a gap of 2 months between our nikah date and date of kenduri bertandang. Any problem with it?? I'm okay with it. Mr Fiance's okay with it..

So i blurbed it out to mom. As expected mom agrees with the idea to nikah awal. So does my dad. Alhamdulillah.. Now, how to explain this to Mr Fiance's parents? I'm crossing fingers.. Alhamdulillah his dad was okay with the idea! Great.. but..

But some people don't seem to agree with the idea. Ouh why is it too hard to please everyone? But i always believe in doing what we think is right. My instinct strongly says that this is the best so far. We decided to proceed with it anyway. Ya Allah permudahkan urusan kami. Amin..