Friday, November 18, 2011

sexy shiny lips n your big day!

Today i would like to share about my dry chapped lips experience and my remedy to it. I have tried cheapo off the rack lip balms from guardian and watsons. I'm not saying they are not good, but they were less effective on my bad condition lips. Have you ever suffer a painful smile from a dried lips? I think most girls do, with our hot and humid climate and and less fluid consumption, you are prone to experience this.

Forget about your wedding dress, make ups and favors for a while and zoom in into your lips. Perfect makeup, perfect hair wouldn't do much justice without a great smile. Would it be a turn off to see that dry, chapped lips even if you apply your matching color lipstick and shiny lip gloss? Yes it is!

One day, Mr Fiance brought me this. It works like magic! It gives my dried lips comfort with its mosturising aloe ingredient. Apply it overnight, and your lips will be softer and moister the next morning. Well, it works on mine and no harm in trying girls!

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