Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Makeup Artist - Part 1

After looking and looking and looking sampai mata nak tercabut.. i decided to ask kak Emma from Emma Pesona. Yay! The rate falls within my budget.. she did a friend of mine and i totally love her touch.. i saw good reviews about her as well and she is really into the business. Very confident and professional. She charges additional RM50 for hair which is to me is still reasonable. Rambut pun penting jugak. My previous MUA who did me for my engagement makeups really well but slacking in hairdo. I ended up becoming a my own consultant. Tapi nevermindlah because she admitted earlier she's not good in hairdo.

Ok, back to kak Emma. Without further ado, i don't want to miss kak emma so i decided to settle with her for my tandang kenduri. Why not hire her for nikah and my reception as well? My tandang kenduri date is firmed not my nikah and reception. Ouh well, the date is still undecided.. there's a lot of dramas in my family that we couldn't even get a firmed date. sigh. Better grab something than nothing kan? Then i placed the deposit.

I hope i will get a firmed date for my nikah and reception very very soon. Can't afford to lose good MUA till last minute. Just incase Kak Emma is not available anymore, I still need to find alternatives. sigh. sigh.sigh.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Photographer or poyographer?

Photographer is another vendor you have to start looking early. This is the era where the clause "picture worths a thousand word" has been in a dictionary of every wedding couples these days. Photographers at this era can really make money. I have to admit that photographer grows like mushrooms. Ada yang pro betul.. tak kurang juga yang poyo lebih.

I know few good names and trust their work. But tak guna juga sibuk2 nak tanya price when you know you can never afford them. Hari tu tangan kegatalan meng-email Qippie. I heart his work. He definitely has his own class when he presses the shutter. He definitely has a very creative eyes and creative mind. And he's a brilliant business man too. As expected, I was not surprised looking at his rate. He's an efficient guy. He did not keep me too long for the quotation and he put it all in one email that is easily understandable. Hmm.. basically bersediala 5k utk satu basic event. If nak plugin plugin sume sila buat kalkulasi sendiri ye.

Saifulnang is another photographer yang have brilliant eyes. He manage to capture moments beautifully. But i think i don't plan to go someone yang too commercial.. his publicity is too meluas lah. plus there's a lot of on going gossips about him here which i don't plan to dig it here. Regardless his attitude claimed by other photogs yang tidak berapa enak didengar, i don't judge his work based on that.. undeniably his talented.

Ada juga poyographer yang tak nak reveal their price. Kena datang studio baru boleh discuss. Ok, tak salah kalau nak suruh datang studio. But to b2b yang cheapskate di luar sana atau di sini nak juga work on budget dulu. Kalau within our radar then only we go to the next stage and jumpa photographer for a further discussion. Survey juga yang package murah2.. tapi.. my body say yes to the price but my eyes say no to their work. macamana??? Kalau boleh tanakla menangis tengok muka sendiri yang di edit oleh Dave Hill wanabes.. muka pun jadi mcm plastik or terlebih kena botox injection. Ataupun posing posing maut yang cliche.. i hate cliches!

So, i stopped searching for a mo.. carik MUA dulu lah. Kalau makeup tak cantik, posing macamana pun tak lawa jugak kan? I will post "what criteria i am searching for in a photographer" and some tips in searching a photographer in my next post.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who wants to be my Makeup Artist?

I don't do heavy makeups.. I usually highlight on my eyes with eyeliner. Thanks to dad's genetic. He has Chinese blood.. and that explains the sepetness. I would like to find an MUA who knows how to do light makeup but great impact. .. i love nude lipstick with dramatic focus on the eyes.. dramatic focus by all means NO COLORFUL SHADOWS and NO HEAVY SMOKEY like burung hantu or kungfu panda kena tumbuk. I love light smokey eyes.. Who doesn't love Kak Nurol Shukor? But i don't plan to splurge 1k++ on one session of makeup. Sue Cantik.. lovely! But her rate can easily reach RM900 or more for 1 session if i'm not mistaken. I love how Ayang Kamell do the eyes.. then why don't i book him?

Sudah cuba.. but unfortunately he's not available on my dates. (i terus off pc and tido sbb stress ok) Then goes the googling session to search for the one that suits my style and.. fall within my budget. Someone recommended Emma Pesona, Munie Ahmad and Hazlie Hamzah. I'm gonna bug these people tomorrow..

...Frankly, I'll be glad if I can find anything less than RM500! Cheapskate? I am.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Ok, where do i start? What's first? I think the most important thing to get you moving is to prepare a checklist. A friend told me it lifts a big piano from your head! Ok, checklist peeps! checklist!

Legal Matters
Khursus Kawin, HIV Test

Photographers - booked!



MUA - booked!

Pelamin & Deco Setting

Designer for Outfit






Erm.. do i miss anything? I guess the longer the list the more $ involves. Rabak pocket.. (ada yang nak tolong jahitkan?)

Presenting... the cheapskate bridezilla!

I spent nearly like days to comeup with the title of my blog.. And I spent like months contemplating if i should have my own blog to compile my so-called rocky journey to becoming a wife. Erm.. did i just say the word wife? Err.. looks like i have to get used to it..

I have been blog-hopping other bridezilla's blogs for the past few months. And this girls have done a tremendously good job in googling, compiling and writing a nice blog as areference to other bridezillas out there. And yeah, i was one of the silent stalker.. A year ago, i condemn these people big time.. not condemn kaw kaw la.. but for them having such amount of time wasting to jot down their journey to becoming a bride. (yelaaa at that time i did not even have a macha/mat tahir and did not even plan for a wedding in near future) maybe i was depress and such a sad sad miserable adult lady. Ok, nuff said. I don't want to go further about the past. Lets focus about this blog. Forgive me for having that thoughts.. i swallow back my words.. those blogs have given me so much motivations and inspirations to me. If I'm rich, i would have just hire the most expensive wedding planner, the best MUA, the best designer, the best everything in the world.. don't have to go through massive googling sampai mata nak tercabut looking for someone who can paint me on my big day that falls within my cheapskate budget. (oh-kay i might be using the word a lot of time in this blog. get use to it!). But come to think of it.. that is the beauty of a bridezilla.. they google themselves.. they compare and they budget their wedding.. i don't mind being a cheapskate bride as long as i have a perfect wedding.. perfect to me is not a top notch bride (if they even have a bride chart!) or a wedding of the year.. i'm not looking forward to throw my hard earned money for just a wedding ceremony.. hence, presenting the blog.. a journey of not-so-rich lady towards her so-called perfect wedding..

keep on reading..