Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool???!!

I don't remember the last time i had April fooled. 10 years ago? (eh, this makes me sound so old la pulak).. April fools are lame and meant for kids. But did I just had one today? Mr Fiance is full with surprises these days.. I had enough headaches with my clients today and i don't think i'm ready for another annoying behaviour ..

I was chatting with Mr Fiance today regarding hantaran & wedding bands until he blurbs :

him : " I think let me buy the wedding ring for you"
me : "of course la you belikan.. what do you mean?? what? you want to get my ring WITHOUT me?"
him : "yes. isn't barang hantaran and cincin is a gift from a guy to the girl? if its a gift then let me buy for you la.. "

ini bukan zaman 80an ok!!!!!!

me : "is this because you takut i pilih cincin mahal and you takut you tak mampu nak bayar?"
him : "partly yes, and i akan beli ikut kemampuan i"

rasa jantung stop 6 saat. piano hari tu pun tak angkat lagi dari kepala ni .. now another broken piano???

me : *silent* (dlm hati : memang la aku nak cincin GIA cert bagai tapi i know the limit la.. if he can't afford it i can totally compromise .. worst comes to worst i can topup skit ke if i still want my dream ring. Takdela aku nak beli 1 carat ring.. but his clearcut decision makes me feel rasa nak campak diri dlm gaung)

him : trust me dear, i will find the best ring i could give. Itu betul betul hadiah from me to you.. biar i pilih, biar i beli, then its up to you nak terima my gift to you or not.
me : *silent* (dlm hati: maybe nak surprisekan aku dengan cincin tiffany kot!~ ok, dream on. this is unfair its a do or die deal!)
him : lepas kawin dah ada duit baru beli betul betul dengan you..
me : *silent* (dalam hati: gotcha!!! so betul la nak beli cincin senyap2 without me sbb nak beli off the rack cheapo ring but nampak macam 2 carat ring!!!!!!!! kalau beli sama2 gerenti kantoi.)

syaitan dah merasuk dalam jiwa. i know the bad person in me has spoken and mengapi2 kan situation. Luckily there is still the angel in me calming me to keep my mouth shut and just let him speak and berhujah about the concept of marriage. Dalam hati meletup2 nih..

i know another word coming from my mouth is going to cause tsunami. so i decided to take a break to pray, zikir and sleep.

me : "i need rest. i nak tido."
him : "i know this kind of conversation makes you down.. but.."

i put my iphone into flight mode. i need a break. Deep down i know that is definitely NOT his intention. being a traditional guy he values the concept of marriage but i'm being an emo and knowing that i have to keep thinking and wondering how my ring is going to look like until my akad day is KILLING me! 5 months to go :( this definitely bring the bridezilla out of me..

Ya Allah, berikan aku ketenangan and jauhkan aku dari perasaan tamak.