Tuesday, March 29, 2011

caterer checked!

Among the thing that you have to consider early, is the caterer. The caterer creates history. be it bad or good. Hopefully its a good one. Kalau event gempak tapi food sucks people will talk about it. Same goes vice versa.

I hired Manisa Catering for my engagement day. It was a small do with 120pax catered. I remember close to 120 good reviews about the food. Its very satisfying to see the guests enjoy the food at your event. "Food sedap giler" is among good reviews i received from the guest..

So why not hire the same caterer this time?

I went to see the owner for the first time. We only spoke on the phone previously as it was only small event back then, but this time mom and i went to see the owner in person and hopefully i will be able to ask for a good quotation. She's an experience lady and easy to deal with. She entertained every big deal questions i ask. The price she's offering is not bad at all.. not cheap but not that expensive. It still falls within mom's budget if we exclude the pelamin. Another dilemma, nak amik pelamin terus dgn dia or nak carik different decorator for pelamin? If i take different pelamin designer wouldn't it be expensive too? Nevermind, i still have time to include/exclude the items.. Yang penting place booking dulu sbb Syawal is gonna be one busy month for caterers!!

Why i should hire Manisa Catering :

1) Their quality of the food is their reputation. Trust me, Sedap!
2) According to the owner they use "Spencer Royal" dishware.. instead of pinggan melamine (that means she puts every small details into account)
3) They use fresh flowers for arches and pelamins (if i take one)
4) Diorang buat kerja ikhlas and bukan nak pikir untung aje.. They will advice you to take adequate amount of pax and not to waste the food by over catering number of pax.
5) They standby food JUST IN CASE food tak cukup and they will acknowledge the client with the additional charges later..
6) They are based in subang so its a brownie point for me!
7) They have been in this field for years and dia tak pressure i untuk hire them.

I couldn't find any reason not to settle with this caterer unless ada org nak sponsor me with anything better than this. But i guess the word better comes with a bigger price.. so i placed the deposit today.

Caterer checked!

oh by the way, if anyone know any pelamin designer yang affordable but creative pls lemme know. Don't recommend arma because i just heart them but couldn't afford it. I remember asking them and the pelamin i love starts from 4k!

Monday, March 28, 2011

b2b and bff day out!

Hanging out with the girls (my bffs) is always been a highlight of my plans. Thats when everyone made excuse to leave their daily chores and boring routine. Thats when i leave my piled of works and thats when they leave their hubs and kids behind to gather and talk like single ladies! Since I am the only one among them who is still single, i have to follow the majority and listen to topics that evolves around susu anak, cute baby's tees, stroller, breastfeeding and conflict in marriages. I'm not complaining.. as i know my time of enjoying and participating in these topic will come very soon.

But this time, I am grateful to be surrounded with friends whose so looking forward to my big day.. Today, its about me and my preparation to becoming a bride :)

We brainstormed about dresses, color and ...bridesmaid theme. As i am limiting myself in every single thing about my wedding and trying to keep everything as simple as possible, having a themed bridesmaid was not at the back of my head earlier.. but why not?? Isn't it cute to have a bunch of inangs by your side with a themed color?? The theme color is silverish grey (not my dress, but family and bridesmaids) Anyways, who can say no to anything that won't splurge your budget but adding more excitement???

After lunch at Bangsar Village, we headed to Gulati's to get our adrenaline rushed and get some ideas.. Sangat best ok treat Gulatis like your own playground! Can you imagine how chaos the place was with 5 crazy girls (erm.. moms to be exact) ogling over and trying out some kain.. and the lady who entertained us was super kind melayan kerenah kitorang yang belum tentu nak beli.. siap bagi sample kain lagi!

Ok, atleast this gets me going.. my wedding engine asyik sangkut je. Thank you girls! I love you all.. You make my day!

isn't it cute to see 'em with this silverish grey satin silk with cute embellishments like this?
*berangan mode*

Saturday, March 26, 2011

satu hari dalam dilemma.

After Mr Fiance's shocking news about the change of date, i know the first thing to do is to contact my MUA and photographer and let them know about it.

Good news my MUA is still available on the revised date! That saves me a hassle of MUA hunting. But unfortunately my photog already have a VIP wedding job on the new date. Takkan nak suruh dia cancel job tu. I heard the Agung is the main guest. So? He will send his assistant instead or i'm free to find other photogs.. Well i don't blame him but my future father in law! (sorry Mr Fiance.. marah tak hilang lagi) Takpela.. kenduri bertandang je.. the main highlight is my akad and MY reception.. photog kebanyakkan pun takpe, kan? kan? (effort untuk memujuk diri sendiri). Ke nak ambik je photog ipoh-based yang berbakat tapi tak mahal. The only one i know ipoh-based which is not-so-murah but good is Jangguttouch and memang lari budgetku ok!

This left me with another dilemma.


Friday, March 25, 2011

E to the M to the O!

Becareful : BRIDEZILLA mode; ON.

I was disturbed with 2 shocking news yesterday.

Number one : a friend of mine whom i attended her wedding 3 years ago passed away yesterday morning. Even though i was not too close to her when we were in school but i can't face the fact that her soul left her body yesterday. She was known as a very positive person, generous with smile.. very beautiful and confident. I can freshly remember the last time we spoke about the best nasi lemak in subang jaya.. i was craving for nasi lemak and hunting for a non commercial ones but tastes really good that it takes someone who has been a resident of subang jaya for more than 10 years to spot one. she introduced me to one stall in usj by the road and i went! to Zorzini Roslan, i will remember the stall always and your passing has left a scar to many people who loves you.

She was diagnosed with heart failure after a heart infection and soon the bacteria got penetrated her brain after a pro-long fever. It happened so fast and she was in coma for a week before her blood pressure dropped to 26 while her resting pulse rose up to 120 during coma. As a fighter herself, she was fighting with a life threatening situation but GOD loves her more and took her away.. May you rest in peace my friend. Semoga rohmu bersama orang orang beriman dan dicucuri rahmat.


in loving memory of ...
Zorzini Roslan.

Zini looking gorgeous on her wedding day. pic courtesy www.fatiniz.com

funny zini with loving sis.. pic courtesy from www.fatiniz.com

zini on her best day of her life.. pic courtesy from www.fatiniz.com


A shocking news number two : Mr Fiance called me..

Mr Fiance : "Dear, i have a good news or a bad news for you"

erm i don't need another bad news now, and i have not told him about my friend's passing.

Mr Fiance : "My dad called me and he wants to change our kenduri tandang date to xx/xx/2011"

It maaaaybe a good news also since there will be no more 2 months gap between my nikah+ reception and his kenduri. The tandang kenduri will be a week after mine.. BUT, its a BIG BIG BUT there.. somehow i feel a big heavy piano just fell on my head. It is definitely a bad news also. My photog.. and my MUA. i was speechless for a mo i can here crickets.

Me : "Habis, photographer, my makeup artist macamana?? i dah bayar deposit.."

Mr Fiance : "Try and call them and ask if they can make it for the new date"

Ish senangnya dia cakap.. kalau tak available macamana???????? does he care if i simply take tangkap muat photog and MUA? kalau muka i macam clown macamana? does he care?? ish emo betul i. Kalau you all mesti emo jugakkan?? biar i layan emo dulu..

hp off konon merajuk.. padahal main angry bird sampai midnight. memang merajuk okkay!

Friday, March 18, 2011

i'm cerified!

balik rumah nampak sampul kuning merah atas katil. Pos Ekspress.

Surat apa ye?

I totally forgotten about my sijil nikah! Lucky me i did ask the admin at Siarra & Dinderk to post me the sijil nikah. Kalau collect sendiri gerenti lengah2..

Yahooo! dah boleh kahwin!

read my kursus kahwin experience in my previous post.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

of kursus kahwin

i went for my kursus kahwin with Mr Fiance 2 weeks ago at Solaris, Mont Kiara. Google for Siarra & Dinderk. Mind this procrastinated post. Oh, he's such a darling to accompany me as this is his second time attending kursus kahwin since some time back.. The kursus that i went is in Solaris Mont Kiara. Tempat elite, i just wonder how elite the kursus gonna be. Perhaps guest of speakers from overseas? haha.

A day before the kursus kahwin i was looking for a new tudung to wear. Well, i guess you should wear proper attire to these kind of courses. Proper attire in my dictionary is a traditional dress and proper hijab to cover the aurat. Better be safe than humiliating myself later, am i right?

Day 1: we were 30 mins late! damn. Mr fiance got the wrong turn and he insisted to leave the house later than my plan. Marah juga dalam hati, but i try not to spill it out. Okkay, i try not to practice blaming culture.. it should start now. I did not say much but he managed to call the admin that we are gonna be slightly late. The admin was cool enough and ask us to just go in.

It was a small group, it was barely 20 people. The area was new and comfy. Men at one side and women at the other. But it caught me by surprise to see how laid back the participants were especially the ladies. Some in jeans.. and guess what? there were only 2 people (including myself) with a proper tudung. The rest just put on shawls with jambul exposing.. hahah funny. Well, i'm not here judging anyone but it was totally different from my expectation. I'm not sorry or regret with my attire but seriously feel its important to respect the speakers. And most of them are among ustaz from jabatan agama. I thought i was the only one who came late, but another couple came in extremely late. The watch clocks 3 quarter of the session. Kalau aku sure dah gelabah giler. Selamba aje minah ni masuk ngan jeans and selendang ala jambul tersembul. What? orang2 yang attend kursus kat sini mmg purposely choose this place sbb nak elak pakai tudung agaknya? heheh....

The first day was okay.. the topics are pretty interesting. Some of the speakers are good by sharing with us some live experience at Mahkamah Syarie. No one asked a single questions.. I was not at all an active participant be it during high school nor lecturers during my education years.. but here i think this is my chance to ask some doubts that i have in mind to be shared among others too. So, i did break the silence by asking the ustaz couple questions. Macam berani je.. hahah.. soalan berbunyi begini:

"Ustaz, jatuhkah talak jika sisuami mengucapkannya secara verbal tetapi di depan rakan bukan di depan si isteri". Biar betul aku tanya soalan tu.. heheh. but i really need this to be clarified. Ustaz recognized it was a very good question indeed. If you wonder what is the hukum. "Talaknya sah" jawap si ustaz.

Do you know that the divorce statistic last year occurs once every 15minutes. I was like.. what??!! Macam takut je kan? And according to ustaz again, tempoh critical dalam sebuah perkahwinan adalah dalam 5tahun pertama dan banyak kes cerai alaf baru terjadi dalam tahun ke-2. Kecut perut dengar ustaz ni. Takut nak kahwin pun ada. Anyway, kalau nak cerita pasal topic2 masa kursus kahwin ni mmg tak habis nak citer dalam post ni. You all pergi sendiri dengar sendiri lah ok? Bukan apa, atleast we know our rights sebagai isteri. Especially bila masuk kes penderaan mental dan fizikal. nauzubillah. Most tortured wives choose to remain silent and let their husband do whatever they want. How pitiful.

Day 2 : I made sure we reached there on time. We managed. Guess what?? The girl who wore proper tudung yesterday changed her theme today. No more tudung, selendang with a decorated jambul, a very tight legging and a cardie. hehhehe.. so i was the only girl with proper tudung. haih, macam-macam.

The second day's topic was pretty dry. And the nasi lemak provided buat mata ni rasa ngantuk. Saw few people tersengguk2.. I tried to fight the lethargy. The girl who sat beside me yesterday tak habis2 browsing ngan ipad dia and ber bbm. Khusyuknya. Sampai ustaz panggil pun tak sedar. To me, if you hate the kursus kahwin so much or you've been forced with a knife on your neck sekali pun, just bear 2 days and show some respect to the speakers..kan dah kena soal ngan ustaz.. well, atleast the guys are behaving well and giving full attentions to it. Ustaz tanya bukan nak test knowledge, cuma nak share pendapat and get opinions.. or maybe ustaz get distracted with that ipad..

The most awaited topic, which is the "procedure and documents for marriage" was kept to the last 2 speaker. And it was a very short one. 10 mins or less if i can remember. The last speaker with a topic "kesihatan" really test everyone's patience level and we were like in a siapa-tahan-mengantuk contest. tik tok tik tok.. lambatnya slide ni nak gerak. Kenapalah doktor ni citer lama sangat kat piramid makanan??? urkh. I saw Mr fiance's chin already touching his chest.. mata pejam baek punya. I tried ringing him dengan harapan mobile phone akan bergegar dalam kocek lantas mengejutkan dia from his dreamland. Tapi nyata sia-sia. Hampa. Tepat jam 7 malam. Alhamdulillah.. semua orang lega kursus berakhir.

balik.. ngantuk.. letih otak sbb so much info trying to squeeze in dalam otak yang semakin mengecil ni.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go facial, brides!!

orang nak kawin kena jaga kulit.

that includes drink tonnes of fluid.. air suam even better. that is the vow i made this year as my new resolution. better keep one resolution simple, right? hell yeah. i thought it was simple enough but being born with a tiny bladder siapa tahan kena pergi toilet every 15minutes??? erm.. cantik punya pasal.. toilet pun toilet lah.

on the other hand, supplements and vitamin is important too. I start consuming collagen drink and bio-e vitamin daily countdown till the big day. Yang ni kena invest sikitla. There's a lot of collagen drink in the market. The cheapest i can get is the Cocoa Collagen power Plus (the shocking pink box). Been taking it for 2 months already. Testimonial says breast size can increase and firmer.. tapi nampak mcm samaaaa je... but skin condition ada improve sikit. so, i decided to continue drinking it. It tastes so good anyway.Price is RM45-RM48 for 1 month supply. Not bad.

On the other hand, basic skin care pun penting jugak! do not neglect facial.. you need something from the inside as well as from the outside too. Blackheads and whiteheads causing uneven makeup.. sbb pores clogged with impurities macamana nak apply foundation smoothly.. so, for a better makeup coverage.. pergilah ke salon salon kecantikan berdekatan anda and do some extractions ye puan puan.

I am going to have my painful session today.. bersedialah untuk berair mata dek beautician tu nanti ye. This i get it for a very good deal. I went mattafair last week.. tapi honeymoon package tak belipun! end up buying myself a facial voucher from a product by Dr Nano Labcel at beauty century. An RM28 voucher that includes skin analysis, facial extraction and a 20mins back massage. Not bad kan? Tu pun hutang! cheapskatenye aku.. ceritanya begini.. it was raining at pwtc, i only had RM10 in my pocket, ATM kena cross jalan so the beautician says i can pay RM10 and the remaining balance masa facial.. yahoo!! a bride needs to do what she needs to do! so, that was the story and i'm going for a facial today!

I still have 2 unused facial voucher and body massage for a very good deal from milkadeal and mydeal. be it you are a cheapskate or not, milkadeal and mydeal are a very good alternative for brides on a shoestring budget but still want to enjoy spa and facial before their big day. Who doesn't want RM400 package for RM30 price?? So go checkout today's deal!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

mari booking horny-moon trip!!

.. who doesn't like discounts?? Dear cheapskates, mari booking utk horny-moon!! The matta fair is back!! Mari kita seraaaaang..... anyone who has been to matta fair? please share your experience..

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sharing is Caring!

Collect a friend, expand the community and get rewarded at the same time! Rm1 per friend..
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Makeup Artist - Part 5

I am so backdated with a lot of things! Oh how i wish i have more than 24hours a day. Masa sangat sangatla mencemburui aku (Even though i can not relate how they come up with this proverb in the first place!)

I love to be spoilt with choices.. but i don't like to keep myself too long without decision. So, i decided to settle with another makeup artist. Yes, i have 3 different MUAs for separate events.. I don't want to look alike for 3 different events, so a different touch from 3 different hands it is!

I decided to settle with Nazliman. He's been in the industry for 16 years but keeping himself low key. I see a lot of potential in him. I'm a big fan of orang2 yang humble tapi talented. Just like Yuna.

Ok, back to Nazliman, i hope i will not go wrong with Munie Ahmad's sifu. He is highly recommended by Munie, so i guess i am giving Cik Lee kita ni a chance. Everything was so easy with him. I called him out of the sudden and surprisingly enough i did not think twice or thrice pun. Terus book him and placed deposit. Sometimes we have to believe in our own instinct, am i right?

Regardless his years of experience, his rate is very very unbelievably reasonable. Tak percaya? Go and ask him.. (unless you read this post 10 years after the posting date, his price might go up). So, if you are an artist/ pelakon/singer jgnla spoil the market for cheapskates like us. Biasala, MUA ni kalau dah sentuh muka artist harga pun tinggi melangit.

His humble works can be seen here.

Its time for kursus kawin!!!

First things first, you can never say no to this. Kursus Kawin.

Mr Fiance has booked a session this weekend at Siarra & Dinderk. A bit short noticed. But whats there to prepare? Just bawak badan je kan? I hope for an interesting session. Hope the speaker is hillarious.. takde la bosan sangat.

Will share my experience later!