Friday, November 18, 2011

sexy shiny lips n your big day!

Today i would like to share about my dry chapped lips experience and my remedy to it. I have tried cheapo off the rack lip balms from guardian and watsons. I'm not saying they are not good, but they were less effective on my bad condition lips. Have you ever suffer a painful smile from a dried lips? I think most girls do, with our hot and humid climate and and less fluid consumption, you are prone to experience this.

Forget about your wedding dress, make ups and favors for a while and zoom in into your lips. Perfect makeup, perfect hair wouldn't do much justice without a great smile. Would it be a turn off to see that dry, chapped lips even if you apply your matching color lipstick and shiny lip gloss? Yes it is!

One day, Mr Fiance brought me this. It works like magic! It gives my dried lips comfort with its mosturising aloe ingredient. Apply it overnight, and your lips will be softer and moister the next morning. Well, it works on mine and no harm in trying girls!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Its Day 4 of becoming a wife. Oh sudah isterikah aku? I know i owe 100s of updates on preparations and the wedding itself. Life has been super duper busy and i hate it when i have to fight with time to give live updates.. hope its not basi yet.. inai still merah di jari.. I will slowly make an effort to list down each and every details of it.. the wedding story takes a lot to write..

Its 3 days before my kenduri bertandang. I finally manage to breathe, sit back and stretch my legs and let his side bertungkus lumus pulak. And now I'm husbandless as he is in Ipoh to help his family's preparation. Mr hubby... i miss you dearly.. the bed seems empty withou you by my side... emo la pulak....

My other VIP favor..

I personally think, the idea of a wedding favor is for someone to keep and remember or better still functional instead of just sitting in an antique drawer. So i avoid buying kotak to put my favors that people will eventually throw. So, i thought of giving this as one of my VIP favors to be put inside my white paperbag. A memopad! They can put it beside telephone, on a desk in their office or simply in a car. How many times you wish you had a piece of paper to jot down important numbers or notes?? Sister did not quite agree with it as she says it looks like a corporate gift, but i made a point to her that i want to give something that my guests can use and keep..

I designed it with a simple layout with our name and wedding date on it. This special gift is from the heart and its specially made in Bandung :)

I chose a soft light blue to match with my other favor and my sticker..

perihal apam-polkadot

Doorgift untuk VIP dah jadi macam kemestian.. untuk family terdekat, bffs, untuk guests yang bagi hadiah best (hahah bias!), dan juga untuk orang yang bekerja keras untuk wedding kita.. so, i decided to have around 100 pieces of VIP gifts.. cukup la kot? lagi pun budget pun takdela besar sangat, my relative suggested an apam polka-dot pack in a cute packaging as one of the items to be put inside my white paperbag yang ditaruk sticker.. my paperbag VIP dah jadi macam goodie bag sebab ada macam-macam! It consists of my idea, my sis and my niece. so untuk tidak mengecewakan idea mereka i decided to put them all. wait for my next post to see more items inside my goodiebag! comel jugak idea ni.. memang geram tgk apam-apam ni after di packing. Tapi.. practical ke?

To me this is not so practical because apam's lifetime is very short. Around 4-5 days max. Apam ni cepat berkulat.. yela species species roti gak la.. so, if you want apam polka-dot as your gift, consider this.. unless you are sure your guests will eat it on the spot.. nasib baik kitorang order untuk 100 sets je.. sbb nak packing within one night tu agak mencabar.. nak packing awal2 memang tak boleh la.. tapi apam apam ini tersangatla cute.. grey-light blue is our theme so we decided to have this combo on our apams...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sticker Doorgift

Siapa kata sticker murah? tapi tak dinafikan with a personalized sticker on your VIP gifts will give an exclusive look to it. So i decided to have it anyway, just in a cheaper way.. DIY. What you need? Color printer of course, sticker paper (A4 size), cutting mat + blade + ruler and a pinch of creativity. Tapi yang takde printer tu boleh la minta kawan2 yang ada kedai printing sponsor printing.. or hantar print kat kedai print. Shouldn't be that expensive.

Print siap-siap in an A4 sticker paper supaya ngam ngam 6 pieces (depending on your size of doorgift boxes).. Fit as much layout as possible for more economical.. tapi ukur dulu size kotak doorgift ye. bila dah siap print, tekan pembaris dan lalukan blade atas kertas dengan perlahan (jangan sampai potongan tu putus supaya senang nak remove and tampal)..

Kemudian tampalkan atas doorgift anda... dan suruh kucing anda posing di sebelahnya. siap!

debaran baju bersanding

hello all... gosh i dont know where to start! there are so many backdated posts i need to blog. My life was upside down.. preparation kawin yang memenuhkan schedule harian.. sampai nak kencing pun berkira....

i have put so much effort on my baju sanding.. not because its done by rizalman.. no i can't afford rizalman.. but simply because i have crossed the land to find the material just to get the color and material i want.. yes, i designed my own baju but the hardest part is to fit between my shoestring budget. I don't want to sewa baju just for the fact as its not cheap anyways, and i want to treasure my wedding dress for my kids to see and to see how small i was when i was married :)

I made this baju in bangi.. in a small bridal boutique.. banyak kali juga pegi fitting and kemaskan here and there... mula-mula try memang tak seperti yang diingini.. but nasib baik tukang jahit tu sabar and lepas bincang finlly baju siap a week before majlis. Panic juga sebab hantar baju since bulan May lagi tapi biasala.. mana ada butik pengantin siapkan baju terlalu awal... lagipun size badan berubah lepas puasa.. All in all, lepas sleepless nights memikirkan baju sanding.. alhamdulillah siap and frankly i love how it turned out.. and i love how it flows on my body... so far i'm a happy customer walaupun design ada sedikit perubahan from the initial sketch.

decided wedding pallete : powder blue (bride & groom's attire) + light grey (for family and bride's maids attire)

macamana powder blue tu? dia seakan akan greyish blue... macam berabuk sikit... memang agak mencabar nak pilih material for this color... bila letak lining shade lain skit color dah berubah.. i'm not sure if this is really powder blue... but my eyes love it ;)

mine is the bottom right.. roughly.

here's s sneak peek of my baju:

initial sketch by me (bahagian kedut depan tu mencabar sikit nak buat)

the result.... tada.... full view nanti........ barula surprise!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Henna Artist

its a month plus to go.. and still banyak lagi benda tak settle.. blog pun sudah bersawang.. buat masa ni tanak peningkan kepala.. semalam adalah hari henna artist hunting... cari punya carik yang murah tak jumpa.. ingatkan nak yang bawah rm100 + transportation. tapi harapan agak tipis. Yang walk in banyak murah esp kat brickfields.. tapi takkan nak jalan kengkang barefooted balik rumah kan...

sempatla dapat quotation dari dayu design the iranian gurl tu.. tapi mak aih.. tak tau pulak harga berinai ni boleh cecah RM350 - RM400. idakle cek nak spend cenggitu for henna.. tapi undeniable memang lawa dia buat.. so browse punye browse jumpa this henna artist from sungai buloh. Harga sangat reasonable.. and tgk portfolio dia pun cantik and kemas.. tapi tak tau la final resultnya.. Tapi disebabkan lokasi dia jauh, transportationnya agak mahal dia charge.. after nego punya nego, dia bagi discount sikit..

so after satu malam pikir.. i decided to hire her. Malas nak pening kepala dah.. banyak benda nak pikir... ini hasil kerja tangan dia.. not bad kan? i like this design.. simple and nampak lembut and berhalus orang klate kata...

pic courtesy from zerra design.

next task is to search for bantal nikah yang boleh disewa.. any contacts anyone??