Thursday, September 22, 2011

My other VIP favor..

I personally think, the idea of a wedding favor is for someone to keep and remember or better still functional instead of just sitting in an antique drawer. So i avoid buying kotak to put my favors that people will eventually throw. So, i thought of giving this as one of my VIP favors to be put inside my white paperbag. A memopad! They can put it beside telephone, on a desk in their office or simply in a car. How many times you wish you had a piece of paper to jot down important numbers or notes?? Sister did not quite agree with it as she says it looks like a corporate gift, but i made a point to her that i want to give something that my guests can use and keep..

I designed it with a simple layout with our name and wedding date on it. This special gift is from the heart and its specially made in Bandung :)

I chose a soft light blue to match with my other favor and my sticker..

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